Sunday, 12 September 2010

deconstruct and reconstuct

Just for a bit of fun I am creating some outfits for cancer research. Its called deconstruct and reconstruct, they have give me three themes- denim, suits and t-shirts and I have to recreate something out of them. I have started the t-shirt, it has cheese dippers written on ha ha. I have cut the sleeves of and the neck and sides and twisted the front and back so the sides of your front and back are bear, I am going to embellish it with t-shirt fabric plaits. Any ideas what I could do with the denim and suits?xx
I like this t-shirt redesign I found!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

To start!

Please bear with me I'm new to this! I thought id show you some of my final collection at Uni, I based it around birds nests. I wanted to portray the safeness and comforts I portrayed from animals nests using unusual and textural fabrics to do this along with knitted raffia. It was showed at Graduate Fashion week. Hope you like it.